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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations: My Thoughts & Picks

The 2014 Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations have been announced. You can see the full list here.

I’m usually pretty excited when I see the pre-nominations but become less excited when I see the final cut. Mostly because the final nominees are very predicable. The list looks different this year though. It seems less obvious who will get a nomination. Which is a good thing in my opinion.

One thing that stood out to me was that the pre-nominations seemed a bit younger than they have in past. A lot of the popular soap veterans who normally make the cut were not on the list this year for varying reasons. No Susan Flannery, Peggy McCay, Erica Slezak or Anthony Geary. While these actors are a talented group, not having them listed makes room for some other deserving actors who usually don’t make the list.

I have seen some disappointment in the lack of pre-nominations for the One Life to Live and All My Children cast. I disagree that these shows were shunned. I honestly don’t think that many submitted. I am very happy with the young actors who did earn pre-nominations.

Things will no doubt change after the lists are whittled down to the finale nominations, but here are my picks from the pre-nomination list.  It was hard to pick just one out of all the great actors so I divided it into three categories ( I could have picked even more but restrained myself.):

Outstanding Lead Actress

My Pick- Maura West

Since West’s Ava Jerome sauntered into Port Charles, it has been hard to keep one’s eyes off the femme fatale. West has created a truly original character, one that I have never seen before on daytime. Not many actresses in primetime or film would be able to handle this character but West does it with a coy ease.

Who Will Win - Eileen Davidson

The Daytime Emmys have been in love with Heather Tom for the last few years. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins three times in a row. This year though I think she has some very tough competition and Davidson could spoil her winning streak. Davidson managed to give Days of Our Lives a good shot of adrenaline with her feisty performance and established herself as a daytime powerhouse in the process.

Dark Horse - Arianne Zucker

Zucker’s subtle yet powerful performance this year as a bad girl trying to be good all while hiding her love for a priest has been one of the best things to watch on Days of Our Lives. She was able to create powerful chemistry with her co-star which mere expressions. Her winning would be a welcomed surprise.

Outstanding Lead Actor

My Pick - Jason Thompson

Thompson was my pick to win last year (he lost to the equally talented Doug Davidson) but I think he actually had even better material to submit this year. My favorite part of the Robin’s return story arc was his powerful performances. Nobody emotes like this guy.

Who Will Win - Billy Miller

Emmys love dead children story lines and I suspect that is what Miller submitted. Personally I found Deliah’s death to be well-played Emmy bait and I would prefer not to have the bait taken. None of that of course is Miller’s fault and he rocked the material he was given. His win would certainly not be unwarranted.

Dark Horse - Roger Howarth

With the big character switch, it seemed a bumpy year for Howarth and his co-stars. But he managed to top many "Best of the Year" lists and he had many great performances in 2013 despite some controversy. If he submitted scenes with the equally captivating Maura West, he could easily win.

Supporting Actress

My Pick and Who Will Win - Jane Elliot

Just give her the Emmy now.

Dark Horse - Kelly Sullivan

Sullivan may have her share of critics but I’ve always loved her portrayal of crazy Connie Falconeri. I was surprised when she wasn’t nominated last year. It was a huge oversight in my opinion which of course means she might just take home an award now that she not even on General Hospital anymore.

Supporting Actor

My Pick - Bradford Anderson

I’ve made the argument on Twitter that I felt that Anderson was more of a lead in 2013 than supporting. Nobody agreed with me. Perhaps his amazing performance just had my full attention. In the scene where Ellie confessed that he was baby Georgie’s father, he managed to go through every emotion possible in a matters of minutes.

Who Will Win - Scott Clifton

I think of Clifton as more of a lead than a supporting actor but either way he is a very good at what he does. Last year he tied with Billy Miller for Outstanding Supporting Actor.  Lightening could strike twice for Clifton.

Dark Horse - Blake Berris

Berris is probably a sweet guy in real life but boy can he play a creep! He manages to play baddie Nick Fallon with a sort of erie calm. Never dull to watch. If Berris is nominated it would be only his second nomination, the first being in 2009 for Outstanding Younger Actor.

Outstanding Younger Actress

My Pick - Kelley Missal

Though One Life to Live’s reboot may have quickly come and gone, it gave Missal a chance to show off her acting chops with some edgy material. I’d even go as far as to say she was the star of the show. Missal played troubled Danielle Manning in a way that made the audience care about her even when she was misbehaving. She added depth to her story lines even when there wasn’t any.

Who Will Win - Kristen Alderson

I feel the audience is still learn who Alderson's new character Kiki Jerome is and I’ve just recently started to like Kiki myself. Regardless of any opinions about the new role, Alderson has had some good material to work with as well as screen partners.

Outstanding Younger Actor

My Pick - Bryan Craig

Craig may be a new comer to daytime but he can hold his own with daytime veterans like Maura West, Maurice Benard, and Laura Wright. As the youngest Corinthos brother Morgan, Craig has managed to evoke relatable elements and understanding into his bratty character.

Who Will Win - Chandler Massey

Emmy’s just like Massey. He has been the shoe in for this award for the last few years. I have a feeling he could take home a third win.

Dark Horse - Corbin Bleu

I was impressed at the way that Bleu was able to hold his own in scenes with vets such as Ericia Selzak. He managed to create a likable good guy that wasn't boring. I hope we see him on another soap soon because he’s a great leading man.

Please left a comment to let me know your thoughts on the pre-nomanations and who your excited to see on the list.

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