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Monday, April 29, 2013

One Life to Live 2.0 - My thoughts on the first episode

In a nod to the TV finale we open with a shot of The Banner on Vicki’s doorstep.  What better way to open the show than with the shows long running heroine and moral center.  Loved seeing her and Clint together at Llanfair.

The sets were all really nice and let’s face it new sets were long over due!  If you looked to closely at the old sets it was pretty obvious they were in bad shape.  The sets that Prospect Park put together were nice updates of the originals.  I could tell Vicki, Dorian, and Bo’s homes were their homes - just a little shiner now.

Speaking of new sets, it’s about time that Natalie got her own place!  I’m already enjoying Natalie as a whole.  This reboot has done her well.  Melissa Archer looks great and they are styling her way better than they did on ABC.  I can tell her story is going to be really important to the show.  She has a new look, a hot new love interest, new home, and what I think will be the start of a really good story.

Cutter and Natalie are hot!  I am team Nutter all the way!  I’m perplexed as to why Prospect Park even wants John in the picture when they have these two instead.  They looked sexy and have a smoky chemistry boiling just below the surface.  They had a vibe to them that reminded me of a certain beloved super couple - another pairing between a bad boy and trampy temptress.  Not saying they could ever be the next TnB but it’s the same type of combo and one that works.

Speaking of Todd and Blair, both these characters have a tie for my favorite moments.  Todd’s line of the day - “Give me Shelter” and his tossing money at the crowd were just so delightfully Toddlike!  Then there was poor lonely Blair trying to get lucky at her own night club only to be denied. “I’m not really into cougars” she’s told.  It was a needed humbling moment for the character.  I think that may have been the first time a man has turned her down!

Then of course there was the surprise return.  I have to say that I honestly didn’t know he was coming back but had really hoped he was.  I have always enjoyed Nigel and it was lovely to see him again.

Which of course brings us to the non-surprise return.  Victor Jr is no longer tied to a bed and in running about town with a new tattoo and black hoodie.  He is either being chased or chasing other tattooed men who happen to all be dressed in black.  It’s a bit unclear at this time but we know it will eventually involve his brother Todd.  I am intrigued by what is going on with this bit of story line.  Why is Victor running around strangling people?  What’s up with that symbol he has tattooed on his arm?  And what the heck does Victor do by the river?  No really - the lighting was a little bad in that scene and I can’t tell.

Other than the lighting, the sound is a little off at times.  A few of the scenes at the club are a little hard to hear but the club scenes are fun and look young and hip.  It’ll be a nice place for Matthew, Destiny, Dani, and Jeffrey to hang out.  I really do like the direction they are taking with the younger cast.

Dani is a character that really deserves her own story line.  She is the daughter of two of the shows most memorable characters and it will work to put her on the front burner of her own story line.  The girl is going to be a handful.  She spends a large part of the first episode drunk and high and feeling self destructive.  We’re obviously going to be going on a downward spiral with her.  It will be interesting to see what choices she makes.

One of the choices will evidently involve Matthew.  Wow, Matthew is a real d-bag!  He’s young and stupid and acts like a jerk but not in an over the top kind of way.  We’ve all know guys like him.  Something will have to make him grow up and so far his parents haven’t had any luck with that themselves.

Jeffrey has just showed up in Llanview but I am finding him very likable.  Corbin Bleu has grown up pretty well and I enjoyed his scenes with both the young crowd and Vicki.  He’s a nice addition to the cast and will hopefully draw viewers.

The episode had many dark parts but it was also pretty amusing too. David and Dorian were fun to watch as always.  Love David’s attempt at a realty show and his attempt to be cool by dressing up in a ‘70s leisure suit.  He is a nice bit of light for the show.

I saved my least favorite thing about the show for last.  The opening of the show.  Love the theme song.  Iza Lach has a pretty voice and it has that hint of romance to it that a soap theme should have but The Cosby Show dance numbers left a little to be desired.  I’m not sure if it was awesomely bad or just bad.

The final shot of the episode, not unlike the beginning shot, mirrored the television finale.  A look at a very much alive Victor Jr and all the big questions that come with that revelation.  I look forward to seeing where this will all lead.


  1. Ok so I must have been totally clueless, because I was shocked beyond belief that Victor Jr. was going to pop up at the very end. I had absolutely no idea. I mean I was hoping that when the teasers had discussed the mysterious men and some orginazation that it would involve Victor, I just didn't really think they were going to go there so soon. I loved the episode. I do agree with you on the opening, it was a bit cheesy. On one hand I get it, especially with Bo and Nora, but the opening seems strange to me because now, what do they do about Victor, and what do they do about Todd? Todd is all up in that opening sequence, and I don't even know that he is going to stick around for the show.

    Other than that, everything was great. Love Nat. I hope they explore her being a single mother and moving on without John. I love Dorian and David. Viki and Dorian are even better. Thrilled for the new sets. I mean I feel myself wrapped up in the show for sure.

  2. I thought the same with the opening credits and the actors. That’s why I think they just need to do a nice opening without the cast plastered all over it. Too many come and go with soaps. I’m not sure about Victor but I think TSJ may be just temporary and who knows what is going on with RH and tug of war going on over him. I’m hoping he can do both GH and OLTL if he wants to.